Mew Meets Lucca Kitty

Yesterday Mew meet Lucca Kitty in world to a chat on possibilities and problems regarding teaching through SL.
Lucca Kitty is, a programmer involved in the MUVErsLLC-project, which is a “collaborative corporation,” a collective braintrust of experienced educators interested in sharing an umbrella for creative and innovative projects geared to improving education in the real world using the collaborative tools made available in online environments.

Mew and Lucca Kitty

We both discussed the difficulties of getting people to use the full potentials of SL due their lack of technical knowhow, but also the problems regarding hardware capacity to run the detailed graphical environments in SL.
If SL is to be used as an learning environment, where you can use and manipulate with in-world contend rather than delivering lectures, the graphical aspects must be improved.

A very informative meeting… Mew also learned the difference between AM and PM…thanx Lucca

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