Workshop on e-learning 2009



On the 22nd of September 2009 the Danish Ministry of Education is conducting a workshop, focusing on the development of e-learning modules aimed at teachers in primary school (1st through 9th year).

The primary goals of the modules are to strengthen and support the didactical use of ICT in teachings. Furthermore the content of the modules will be based on the new ”Common Objectives” (Fælles Mål 2009), and must be suited to cover the basic specifications of all subjects teached in school.

The modules will be free and accessible on the Internet, and are thought of, as an offer for teachers who wish to develop their qualifications thru independent study or as education workshops for schools and other institutions.

To qualify the development of these e-learning modules a number of special skilled persons participate in a workshop in Copenhagen.

The primary goals of the workshops are:

Input and inspiration to develop the e-learning modules, which support integration of ict in the classroom.

Specify needs of schools, local authorities and teachers that are relevant in the development of the e-learning modules.

How to create a design that develops joint ownership and community on the content, form and communication

The workshop will be a varied thru introductions, lectures and group discussions.

I’m looking forward to participate in the workshop and hopefully contribute with constructive thoughts and good ideas.

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